When I look at this site, in the Google Ad I consistently get public service announcements, or more commonly, an advert for a Word to HTML conversion tool.

When I looked at this site at Tony’s place, it came up with ads for AFL memorabilia on eBay.

Interesting, very interesting. Tony’s a big AFL fan, and I can only speculate that Google is doing some tracking of sites visited.

Other ad operators such as DoubleClick got flack when they originally started doing that, serving tracker cookies with their ads, building up usage patterns. I don’t recall hearing about Google doing the same thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised. After all there’s thousands upon thousands of sites using Google AdSense now, plus they could track your Google searches (it’s known that they do use a user cookie to keep your preferences). Might be time to trawl through Google’s T&Cs again.

PS. Okay, I just got an AFL ad. Maybe they’re not tracking?

2 thoughts on “Gads

  1. Ren

    Going by the google ads that used to be on blogger, I thought they tracked keywords on the site itself? I remember Catboy’s blog often having ads about meat, animal shelters and various other causes.

  2. Daniel

    Yeah I know they look at the site itself, but I wondered (especially as this site is new, without much content) if they looked at browsing patterns too. Still not sure why their system reasoned AFL Memorabilia would be a winner.

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