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The perils of USB drives

My 3 month old USB drive has gone kaput, and just when I’d started to get used to it, and finding it really useful. It’s one of those Imation swivel ones, and had been fine until last week, when I plugged it into a PC that had a loose keyboard plug. Whether that was a factor or not I don’t know, but random keystrokes and beeps started emanating from the computer, until I figured out what had gone wrong. The drive hasn’t worked since then. Nothing happens when I plug it in, not into my home or work computers.

Imation’s web site is next to useless. They’ll be getting a call on their support line from me as soon as I get the chance. It’s still under warranty, so they should replace it.

Of course, those friends of mine who wondered why I bothered to buy a name-brand drive may well have been vindicated.

Me, I’m wondering if I should forget USB drives and just buy that iPod I’m covetting.

Update Tuesday 7am. Imation said find the receipt and take it back to place of purchase for a replacement.