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XBox 360 and eBay

The XBox-360 is out in the States. Those of us in AU will have to wait until March to get it. A$499 for the non-HD version, or A$649 with it.

Meanwhile some sneaky people on eBay have been selling what appears at first glance to be an XBox 360, but upon closer examination is actually an email address on Hotmail/Yahoo mail. Pity the poor fools that have bid for them. (via Lex)

Okay, now why does an eBay AU listing have a “Report This Item” link, but the same auction on the US site doesn’t? Ah, turns out it’s being trialled in Australia, with the rest of the world hopefully getting it soon…ish.

Hurricane Rita

I’ve been notified by my web ISP that Hurricane Rita is approaching Houston. Why does this matter? Because (and a number of other sites I run) are sitting on a server in a data centre in Houston. I’ve been encouraged to take backups of important content, which I’ll be doing. It’s a reminder that regular backups are an essential precaution.

If the site goes down in the next day or two, you’ll know why. Best wishes to those in the affected areas.