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Top Ten Stock Photography Cliches

Ha! But, I guess that’s why they’re the Top Ten Stock Photography Cliches. But, still, funny.

An observation: iStockphoto has about an order of magnitude more photos that Yotophoto. Perhaps it’s because the photographers get rewarded for the photos used from iStockphoto.

DIY Digital Picture Frame

Full, step-by-step instructions (with pcitures) on building your own cheap and easy Digital Picture Frame. Answering an unasked question on the selection of componentry, the author says:

Why a toggle switch? Because toggle switches rule, that’s why. We don’t want no puny sliding power switches. Oh no, this power switch is 25 percent functional, 75 percent hardcore awesome.

But why do this? You can buy one for a few hundred bucks. I guess it’s just the whole DIY thing, isn’t it? I guess you’re also recycling unloved tech into totally hardcore awesome tech.

Watch the freaky zoom-in photo mosaic

Watch the freaky interactive zoom-in photo mosaicphoto mosaic – makes upgrading to the next version of Macromedia Flash worth it!