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Chasing a BSOD

I’m trying to nail down a repeated Blue Screen Of Death on one of my PCs. It’s only happened in the past week or so, on my 3ish year old HP a6760a desktop, in both Win7 32-bit (which I’m phasing-out) and 64-bit (which I’m moving to).

The crashes seem to happen in a couple of places, but this one is typical (output of the dump file via NirSoft Blue Screen View, with a little re-arranging of its HTML output):

Dump File 122912-22417-01.dmp
Crash Time 29/12/2012 9:15:14 AM
Bug Check Code 0x00000024
Parameter 1 00000000`001904fb
Parameter 2 fffff880`0a707068
Parameter 3 fffff880`0a7068c0
Parameter 4 fffff880`012ea820
Caused By Driver Ntfs.sys
Caused By Address Ntfs.sys+b7820
File Description  
Product Name  
File Version  
Processor x64
Crash Address ntoskrnl.exe+7efc0
Stack Address 1  
Stack Address 2  
Stack Address 3  
Computer Name  
Full Path C:\Windows\Minidump\122912-22417-01.dmp
Processors Count 2
Major Version 15
Minor Version 7601
Dump File Size 291,720

I’ve tried ensuring all patches were in place; that didn’t help.

Then I tried rolling back using System Restore to before it was happening. That didn’t help either.

Now I’ve tried installing the latest BIOS patch, which HP does say can help with some Win7 BSODs (though not specifically what I’m getting).

So far so good, will see what happens from here.

Update 1/1/2013: Still getting crashes. Interestingly, most (possibly all) seem to occur when Chrome is running, and particularly on pages with Flash. I have removed Flash, but it seems Chrome has built-in Flash support. So… I’ve temporarily removed Chrome to see if it stops happening. (It was up to date: Version 23.0.1271.97 m).

Update 1/1/2013 10pm: Not sure that helped. I did do a full malware check using MSE, which found: OpenCandy adware — it reckoned it was in D:\Users\Daniel\Downloads\avc-free.exe — which I think is a free “Any Video Converter” product I was mucking about with recently (I don’t think it’s the one I settled on). It’s not clear to me that OpenCandy would be causing these crashes, especially as I don’t think it was even active. Have removed it anyway.

Update 2/1/2013 8pm: Well, this is entertaining. Still getting crashes, and now it’s not booting at all. In fact it’s not even getting to the BIOS startup screen. Obviously some serious hardware problem.

Update 2/1/2013 9:15pm: After trying many suggestions from the HP support web site, such as unplugging all devices and even disconnecting hard drives and removing RAM, no luck. The power goes on, the CPU and video fans spin, but no display at all, not even the customary single beep.

I’ve posted to the HP forum hoping someone there has some ideas. polls rigged

A poll over whether “football” or “soccer” was a better name for the world game resulted in 2006 votes for each.

IT’S OFFICIAL. Australia is completely split down the middle on the issue of whether to call the world’s most popular sport “soccer” or “football”.

A reader poll which has attracted 4,012 votes at the latest count reveals that exactly 2006 people voted for football, and 2006 for soccer.

What they apparently didn’t realise was that the poll was rigged. A user posted to Reddit that he had hacked the system and ensured this and other polls came out equal.

I actually wrote a program where for each option someone voted, my program would vote once for every other option, thus maintaining a deadlock.

Every now and then, they reported on poll results as if it were actual news. After emailing them alerting them to this, they are yet to retract any of their articles.

The whole saga was blogged here.

Just in case News remove the story above, here’s a screendump. — update Wednesday 8:50pm: it has now been removed. poll