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ePub html/xhtml (or chapter) upper file size limit is 300Kb

The size of individual html files — chapters — that make up an ePub should not exceed 300Kb, according to ePubPreFlight, and this thread. Presumably this is to deal with eReader limitations, which are unspecified.

(I’ve found tell that you shouldn’t make the html/xhtml files in your ePub eBook “too big”, but finding out what “too big” is seems to be hard. Now the Internet knows the maximum size, and you don’t have to know all the magic keywords.)

To use Windows "shutdown" or "psshutdown" remotely, turn off UAC

I was wrestling with trying to get shutdown or psshutdown to remotely shut down a Windows machine.

These instructions (for shutdown) seemed so straightforward: ensure the relevant service is running, that it has access through the Windows firewall, and that the calling username is aligned with one on the remote box that has permissions to shutdown.

psshutdown avoids the latter point by letting you specify the username/password.

But everything I tried returned Access Denied.

The answer, it turns out, is to switch off UAC for that user on the remote box. Then it works:

psshutdown \\tintin -u daniel

PsShutdown v2.52 - Shutdown, logoff and power manage local and remote systems
Copyright (C) 1999-2006 Mark Russinovich
Sysinternals -

TINTIN is scheduled to power off in 00:00:20.

Of course, UAC is there for a good reason. In this case I’m not too troubled because the box involved is one I’m going to decommission in the near future, but one would hope there’s a way of making this work with UAC still enabled.

Trouble moving iTunes from PC to Mac

I tried the other day to move my iTunes library from the PC to the Mac. I figured we might as well move everyone in the house’s iTunes libraries onto OSX and then avoid having to maintain multiple copies of the iTunes software on Windows.

From reading about it, it shouldn’t be too hard.

In theory you just ensure all the files are in the iTunes folder (by ensuring iTunes is set to organise it, and running a Consolidate files operation) then copy the folder across to the new computer’s iTunes folder and open iTunes there… plus authorise/de-authorise computers as appropriate.

Problem was once I’d moved the files across, iTunes on the Mac couldn’t find some of them:

iTunes library error

465-odd songs. It seemed to be primarily songs within compilations. They were all there on the hard disk, just not where OSX iTunes thought they should be. (Checking back on the PC, Windows iTunes was still happy.)

It would give me the option to find individual tracks, and then claim it could try and use that info to find others, but never seemed to be able to automatically find more of them by itself.

Where it was whole albums gone missing, I ended up removing them then adding them again.

Still about 90 lost which I may have to do individually… though I’m wondering if I should just remove everything from iTunes, then drag all the iTunes folders back into it to reload them from scratch… assuming it’s okay with folders and subfolders being added.