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Convert an Access table to a Wiki table

Copy/paste entire table or query into Notepad++

Replace newlines: \n
with: \n|-\n|.

Then replace tabs: \t
with: \n|.

(In the above two replaces, period = space)

You should end up with a structure like this:

| data line 1, value 1
| data line 1, value 2
| data line 2, value 1
| data line 2, value 2

Then you need to add the table header to the top – in this case I’ve gone for sortable columns:

{| class=”wikitable sortable”
! scope=”col” | Value 1
! scope=”col” | Value 2

…and the footer for the bottom:


That should be about it.

More info on Wiki tables

Ultimate geek nostalgia: help fund a doco about the origins of the UK games industry

Yesterday marked 30 years of the Commodore 64.

Meanwhile, a documentary about the origins of the UK games industry in the 70s and 80s, From Bedrooms To Billions is in the works, but needs pledges of support to be made.

If you donate, depending on the amount, you get some pretty cool gear including a digital or DVD copy, posters, your name in the credits, a T-shirt, and even a personalised portrait of yourself from ZZap64 illustrator Oliver Frey. Some of the higher donation amounts actually include vintage computers/consoles and signed (by the authors) copies of classic games for them. Zowee.

They’re aiming to raise the money by 17th of August.

From Bedrooms to Billions