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You’re signed in. Sign in again!

The Yahoo Groups home page. It used to show you a list of your groups to start with, so you could quickly jump into them. Not any more.

Irritating Yahoo Groups home page

WTF? It already knows I’m signed in, it says so up the top.

And yet it ignores that and not only tells me what Yahoo Groups is (as if I didn’t know), it also prompts me to sign up or sign in. (And do you reckon newbies fully understand what the difference is?)

Idiots. I’m already signed-in. I’ve used YahooGroups for years. Why are you treating me like a new user?! Why are you making me hunt around for a tiny Sign In link, only to jump through more hoops than is necessary to see my groups?

Elite turns 25 years old

BBC: Classic video game Elite turns 25

Elite co-developer David Braben takes the BBC’s Daniel Emery on a flight in the BBC Micro computer game.

The space fantasy involved trading in slaves, narcotics and minerals as you flew around a fictional universe.

Pirate and police ships threatened to disrupt your journey or kill you.

I never got to the rank of Elite, but I did make it to Deadly.

John Cleese Compaq commercials

Quite amusing…

And this is an introductory film shown to dealers:

(via Patrick)

Turning off web preview “Snap shots”

I find those “Snap Shots” (semi-popup preview windows) on links to be quite irritating. They’re particularly prevalent on blogs. I feel like they get in my way, and have no real value.

Turns out there is a way to turn them off. Head over to the Snapshots FAQ and expand question 3 “How can I turn Snap Shots on or off?”, and click on the link provided.

Apparently it’s done via cookies, so you’ll lose the setting if you clear them.