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Gamecube controllers for Wii

If you want to play a Gamecube game on the Wii, you need a Gamecube controller. Nintendo’s Classic Controller won’t do it. (Makes me wonder why they bothered releasing it, since you can use a Gamecube controller for Virtual Console classic games.)

Anyway, the youngest wanted one to play some Gamecube games, so we went hunting (in Melbourne). You can’t buy original Nintendo controllers retail now (might find them on ebay I suppose), but the (clone) options we found were:

Harvey Norman — corded, $30.
KMart — had nothing.
Dick Smith — cordless, $40.
EB Games — corded, $30 (not listed on their web site).
Game — corded, normally $24, on sale for $19.
JB Hifi — same as Dick Smith.
Big W — corded plus a Gamecube memory card (needed for Gamecube saves) $29.

As he wanted a memory card, and they appear to be pretty scarce, we ended up with the latter, which works well, though it would have been nice with a slightly longer cord.

It’s nice to know that (for the moment) you can still buy these things and play the old games. Viva la backwards compatibility.

Server move!

Oh, the joys of fiddling with web servers.

This one’s being moved. Comments disabled until it’s finished.

PS. 23:18. Hey, what gives, this JPG won’t display, though others will. Oh well, re-delegating anyway, will sort it out in the morning.

Office 2007: Menus and SP2

Try as you might, you can’t get used to the Office 2007 ribbons, and you want the menus back?

There have been a few paid solutions, but here’s a free one (for non-commercial use): UBitMenu (Corporate licence applies for business usage for €10 + €0.65 per user).

It adds a Menu ribbon which has the traditional menus, with extra items added for new Office 2007 functionality. Neato; I’ll be giving this a try pronto.

(via Office Watch)

By the way, Office 2007 SP2 is due out on April 28th… this MS blog article previews some of the new features included. (via Malcolm)

Xbox incompatibility

Back before Christmas, I had pondered getting an XBox 360. Hey, it would let me play the new Pacman, and that Braid game sounds really good.

Then I discovered according to Wikipedia and Microsoft, there are a number of XBox games we have at home that can't be played on the 360.

So I’d have to keep the old XBox going to play them. That sucks.

And at least one of them is a Microsoft game.

  • Midtown Madness 3
  • Shrek 2
  • Wallace and Gromit
  • Midway Arcade Classics
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 4

Evidently each game needs an emulation profile. Which means I suppose that alas the XBox 360 is not sufficiently advanced as to be able to fully and properly emulate the original XBox, which is why each game needs to be made compatible individually.

We ended up getting a Wii for Christmas. Admittedly the old XBox hasn't been switched-on since.

At least Nintendo do their backward compatibility properly. Having seen how Microsoft's dealt half-heartedly with the old XBox, I wouldn't have wanted to buy into another technological dead-end.

I might see what's out there to turn it into a Media Centre instead.

Psyb0t worm infecting modems/routers

The new “psyb0t” worm infects modem/routers by getting in via unsecured ssh/telnet ports on common MIPS Linux-based models such as those by Netcomm, Netgear and Linksys. Apparently a lot of these devices are shipped unsecured… and of course, most people don’t know how to check and change that. I know I don’t.

My router has DD-WRT on it. The DD-WRT web site has an article saying they believe they are not vulnerable, unless WAN management has been enabled.

It’s probably worth checking with your router or firmware provider to see if you’re vulnerable, and/or steps to check and secure your equipment.

APCmag: New worm can infect home modem/routers

ZDNet: ‘Psyb0t’ worm infects Linksys, Netgear home routers, modems

DRONEBL: Network Bluepill – stealth router-based botnet has been DDoSing dronebl for the last couple of weeks — which clarifies the conditions under which the infection can spread.