Daily Archives: Wed 2006-05-31

Various stuff

Jeremy Zawodny theorises that NoFollow was a waste of time, making no difference to comment spam, and discouraging legitimate commenters.

Coding Horror has some more details on the Microsoft anti-piracy (Ahoy!) nag screens that we mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

Google Australia has jobs available in Sydney.

I’ve been thinking… I wonder if someone would write a Greasemonkey script to correct Charles Wrights’ personal pronouns? we -> I; us -> me; our -> my; ours -> mine.

Tim O’Reilly responds on the fuss over O’Reilly partners CMP sending a cease and desist letter over the use of the term “Web 2.0” for a conference.

Windows Automatic Updates

The following question is clear, with the answers easily and quickly selectable.
Ask me once, fine. Ask me every fricken ten mintues, I kill you! I kill you!
But if you pick “Restart Later”, it obviously means “Ask me in another ten minutes”. Which is tiresome over an eight hour day.

I now understand how toddlers get all that candy they eat.

Top Ten Stock Photography Cliches

Ha! But, I guess that’s why they’re the Top Ten Stock Photography Cliches. But, still, funny.

An observation: iStockphoto has about an order of magnitude more photos that Yotophoto. Perhaps it’s because the photographers get rewarded for the photos used from iStockphoto.