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Mac boot menu recommendations?

Hey there Mac geeks: a question.

I’ve got BootCamp running on my Mac Pro, and can get the menu for OSX vs Windows… but only if I remember to hold down the Alt key while booting.

Mac boot menu

What’s the best way to get this to appear (with a timeout, preferably) automatically?

It doesn’t look like BootCamp will do it.

Two alternative boot menus appear to be


and rEFInd

Any recommendations, or other suggestions?

(To clarify: I want to keep OSX as the default, but I want the computer to prompt — without having to hold down the Alt key at a specific time — to visibly allow the user to override it. Like Windows does with its boot menu when you have multiple operating systems installed.)

Update: Via Twitter, one vote for rEDInd, and a bunch of unhelpful comments asking me why I’d want to boot a Mac into Windows :-/


It seems this blog got hacked recently. A couple of posts had the following code inserted into them:

/*  */
...(post text)...
	edCanvas = document.getElementById('content');

This was on WordPress 3.2.1. I've now updated to 3.5; hopefully this won't recur, but it's something to watch out for if you're running blogs using older versions… a quick Google search indicates plenty of people have been hit but haven't noticed.